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Destroy more castles in crush the castle 4

Crush the Castle game series is a physics-based game. As the title states, you will be crushing castle after castle using a catapult. In the fourth installment of the game series, the Crush the Castle 4 Adventure, the Redvonian king had found the love of his life at last. But she, Lady Catapult, is not that easy to amaze. She thinks that the king is weak.

Thinking of a way to win her heart, the king thought of a plan for world domination to show her he is strong. Using the trebuchet, you are tasked to destroy castles around the kingdom along with its inhabitants. As you go destroying castles, additional challenges may be given before you can continue to the next one. You also need a number of tasks accomplished to be promoted. The game offers over a hundred of levels for your enjoyment.

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Complete all the challenges in Gun Mayhem 4

If you have played the Gun Mayhem game series, have some more fun in the fourth installment of the game, Gun Mayhem 4 Redux. In this version, you can either play as a single player against AI opponents in Campaign Mode or play in multiplayer game against friends and family in Custom Mode. In the Campaign Mode, there are ten challenges but you have to win the prior challenges to unlock more challenges.

The first two challenges has been pre-unlocked. In In the Custom Mode, you can set the number of the starting lives, the kinds of crates and the domination point limit. There are three game modes: Free For All where the last player standing wins, Team Deathmatch where the last team standing wins and Domination where the first player to reach the point limit wins. You can play the game for free at

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Learn creepy but interesting stories in Deadtime Stories

Deadtime Stories is a flash game series that involves a lot of adventures and stories. This is a game developed by I-play and distributed by Big Fish Games. There are three things that you should look forward into playing this game. First are the great graphics and designs that add up to the creepiness and uniqueness of the game. Second are the characters that you will meet which are mostly souls which is kind of scary and interesting. Last is the challenge itself which is about finding certain items.

The mission of the players who will be engaging with this game is to find different objects required in each level of the game. You must be able to unleash your good observant eyes to successfully find the objects. You will meet different persons with different stories that are mysterious and entertaining at the same time. The main man in this game is Edward Blackgate and the setting is in his cemetery.


A visual explanation included in Potty Racers Walkthrough

If you are experiencing difficulty in the game that you are currently playing, then you should look for a concrete solution. If you feel like one is helpful, do not miss that chance to engage with it. If you are currently playing the game called Potty Racers, then you will surely be glad that you are reading this very article because it presents something that might visually explain the proper of the said game. The name of the topic is Potty Racers Walkthrough.

Potty Racers walkthrough (1)

This is a whole explanation about the game mentioned earlier. This game features a cute port-a-potty that you will have to control and move towards higher heights and farther distances. It is normal to experience difficulty or struggle in certain parts of this game. Fortunately, there is Potty Racers Walkthrough. This is a great step by step explanation. Step one is about the Odometer. Step 2 is about the controls. Step 3 is about landing. If you are able to absorb most of the information, then you will surely have a great time playing Potty Racers.

Survive the platforms’ challenge in Vex 2

Vex 2 is the second installment from the flash game series called Vex. This game features a simple vex stick figure which is quirky and fun to engage with. Vex 2 is an important edition in the sense that it is the one that will continue what the first edition has left off. There are two things that you should look forward into playing this game. First are the graphics and designs which are simple but truly entertaining. Second are the levels involved from which the last level is very tough to pull through.

Your objective in this game is to control and guide the stick figure as it goes through the platforms. You have to make sure that it will be able to overcome the obstacles such as spikes and moving deadly objects. This game is perfect for all ages who want to have fun, adventure and entertainment. Play this game now!


Collect the needed stars in Planet Basher 2

Planet Basher 2 is the second installment from the game series called Planet Basher. This is a cute and entertaining game because of the features involved. There are two reasons why you will surely get hooked with this sequel. First is because of the incorporation of stars and the outer space which most of us are very passionate about and at the same time, curious of what is really out there. Second is because of the easy controls of the game which will make the gamers have an easy time engaging with it.

The role of a player is an explorer who must help Stardust to get back on the right track. It needs stars and the only way to do it is with your help. First thing that you have to do is to buy a planet and click LAUNCH. After that, bounce the bullet to the planet so that it will ricochet towards the stars to be collected. Make sure that you are able to collect 300 stars in the first round to advance.

Planet Basher 2

Try to get some help from Pinata Hunter Cheats

Are you familiar with game cheats? If no, then you should read this article now. Cheats are used by players as guide to certain levels on their game that are quite tough to accomplished. For some, it seems like cheating, but for others, it is a tool to ease their agony in terms of accomplishing a certain game. One perfect example is the game series called Pinata Hunter.


For some, this particular game looks simple since it involves candies and pinatas that are simple to handle with but as the game progress, the gameplay gets tougher and harder which make others feel or face some difficulties. Fortunately, there is the cheat called Pinata Hunter Cheats. One of the most difficult part in this game is to collect or earn certain amount of money but with the help of this cheat, you can easily earn some. There are other cheats included in this page that are able to help the players in achieving difficult items on a normal gaming.

Additional improvements made in flood runner 6

Brace yourself for more improvements and challenges in the sixth sequel of Flood Runner. There are now four levels of platforms where you are can fall on the next lower level every time you did not make a successful leap. The glider, the surfboard, the shield, the trampoline and the air current are there for your advantage. The boxing glove which you can use for your advantage but will damage your health is also present. You will still collect coins to purchase upgrades. An addition in the sequel is the ability to use gun for a limited time, but you have to collect enough coins first to earn the ability.

Aside from bananas, oil slicks, and the increased number of snakes and spikes, there is now a patch of glue on some levels which could halt you for a time causing the flood to catch up with you. Just click here to know more about Flood Runner 6.


Control your ride in Kayak King

Kayaking is one of the leisure activities that is booming at the moment in certain places in the world especially the ones who are surrounded by great bodies of water. There are two types of kayaking. The first one is with the calm or still water kayaking and the other one pertains to water rapids kayaking. For some people, they prefer the latter because it is more exciting and challenging. But if you are going for just calm and smooth waves, you can try the former. This article presents a flash game called Kayak King.


Based on the title, you will be virtually kayaking in this game. One good thing about it is that most gamers or people who are not yet aware about kayaking can learn one or two by playing this game. You will be riding a kayak as the player in this game. You will have to reach the finish line which is quite tough since you will be dealing with water rapids that are strong and tough to control with. Make sure that you avoid rocks and fast rapids so that you can reach the finish line safe.

Kayak King

Prepare your raft and ammo in Raft Wars 2

Shooting games have been offering tremendous entertainment through the years. They have been very helpful in terms of breaking the ice whenever boredom, laziness or awkwardness occur. They have been efficient in providing quality action in terms of fighting and shooting. But sometimes, there are shooting games that offer too much graphics that tend to affect young ones. Fortunately, there are child-friendly shooting games that children and you can play. One good example is Raft Wars 2. This is already the second installment from the game series called Raft Wars.

Raft Wars 2 (1)

Your mission as the player in this game is to control and navigate a cute character riding a raft. Your ultimate goal is to defeat opponents by shooting tennis balls towards them. You can upgrade your weapons and rafts if you are able to collect enough money and points. Raft Wars 2 is perfect for all ages who want to have fun or do something whenever boredom strikes.