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scary maze game for mobile

The Scary Maze game versions are scary yet fun to play games. Some would find the surprise dismaying while others got shocked yet had fun. And most players enjoyed sharing the game with friends and watching them play and get scared.

If you are having fun with Scary Maze games online, you will surely enjoy more having it on your cellphones and gadgets. The Scary Maze game app is now available both is iOS and Android. The app is like a collection of several scary maze games. Download one app and you will be playing multiple Scary Maze games. You can download Maze Game for Android (apk) or through the Play Store or Maze Game for iPhone or iPad through the App Store to revel in the different Scary Maze games. Some of the Scary Maze games you will enjoy are the Scary Maze game 1, Scary find the Difference, Scary Maze 2, Scary Maze Mouse and Cheese and a lot more.

Initially, you will have to guide the blue box through the maze. As you play, collect the golden stars. When you have earned the required number of stars, you will then unlock another Scary Maze game. Each Scary Maze game has three levels for you to cross. There are six Scary Maze games at this time but there are more to come.


Remember that in playing Scary Maze games, your hand and eye coordination and your ability to concentrate is being tested. Once you hold on the guide circle, be careful not to let the object touch the walls or the game will be over. Do not even lift your finger or you will start all over again. Or, you might meet the surprise of your life. Share the game with your family and friends. Just take note that these games are not advisable for people with heart conditions or faint hearted.

Jump your way in Freeway Fury 2

Are you looking for some adrenaline rush-giving games? Do you enjoy racing games? Try your luck in the Freeway Fury game series. Play the second installment, Freeway Fury 2, for more fun and more excitement.

Freeway Fury 2 (3)

Freeway Fury is back. He cannot take any more of the slow traffic in the highway. And so he had gone wild once again. You will play as Freeway Fury. Drive as fast as you can. Steer the wheel left or right for a freeway. When you are hindered to go fast by cars, trucks or motorcycles, jump on one of the vehicles. Drive that vehicle now as fast as possible. To jump from one vehicle to the other, hold down the Letter Z key and press one of the arrow keys that correspond to the direction of the car you intend to jump on then release the letter Z key.

When jumping in Freeway Fury 2, be careful not to fall from the vehicle. Falling from the vehicles will make you die. You can slam your current vehicle but not too much for slamming it much will break it. If a vehicle breaks while you are in it, it also ends the game. You also earn nitro for stunts made.

When you die, you will see your rank, XP gained and your score including the details of how you gained that score. There is also a map where you will see you progress represented by the green fill. When you reached the seventh line on top, you will be meeting the boss. In the Main Menu, there is also a button for Stats where you will see how much you have been playing, how many deaths you had, how many successful jumps you have made and other information regarding you play. Freeway Fury 2 is another crazy racing game made by Serious games.

Strikeforce heroes 3

The Strike Force Heroes game series will surely be a great game for you if you love playing games full of action and adventure. It is an action-packed war-like game where you will simply keep on shooting enemy soldiers until what is ask of you are met. And there are varieties of objectives which will not bore you at all.

In the third installment, Strike force heroes 3, you will certainly enjoy fifty challenging missions. Each mission is unique and different from the others for having different objectives. Even the rewards differ in each mission. Winning in some missions will give you cash, a new strike force heroes member or both. The first twenty missions are said to be normal in difficulty. The next nine missions, twenty one to twenty eight, are harder than the first twenty. The rest of the missions, twenty nine to fifty, are said to be the hardest. Nevertheless, they are not impossibly hard. In fact, a lot of players had already finished Strike force heroes 3 with videos as proofs.

The game begins with a video clip that the enemy, GlobeX, is having a meeting with his minions in an unknown location. It was mentioned that his army of clones is now ready and that people will blame the Strike Force Heroes only. He also said that only one Strike Force Hero is not yet in control … that would be you. So you are now tasked to stop him from his evil plan of destroying the whole world.

You are now made commander of the military team. All decisions are yours to make. It is you who will decide who you will bring along in each mission, how many team members and even the colors of their uniforms. Your main goal is to stop GlobeX and all enemy soldiers at all cost. You are to protect territories and capture enemy terrains too. And so you must be able to find your former teammates.


The Strike force heroes 3 game is an addicting action and adventure game. Among the series, it is said to be the hardest yet most challenging. It has more missions compare to its prequels therefore, you will need longer time to play.

Buy coins in Duck Life 6

If you are looking for an enjoyable adventure game, the Duck Life game series will surely satisfy you. In Duck Life 1 to 4, you will be challenged to train your duckling and join and win races and tournaments. However, in Duck Life 5, there was a shift in the storyline. It did away with training and tournaments.


The game began with a clipping showing that after the Fire Duck was defeated, the volcano remained dormant. Rumors had it that there were mysterious treasures deep in the cave of the volcano. Your duckling is among those who aspire to find such mysterious gems. Duck Life 6 is exactly the same as Duck Life 5 except for some improvements and added features. One improvement made is the addition of Coin Shop in the line of shops outside the volcano. The shops in Duck Life 5 were the Mechanic Shop, Hairdresser Shop, Clothing Shop, Witch Ducktor Shop, Jetpacks Shop and the Pet Shop. In Duck Life 6, you can now buy coins in the Coin Shop. However, the Coin Seller sells coin only if you play the game in your Apple or Android device.

Another improvement made in the sixth installment is the addition of Cup Races. There are requirements for each Cup before you can join. The Cups are the Plastic Cup, Copper Cup, Bronze Cup, Silver Cup and the Gold Cup. In the Plastic Cup, anyone can join since there is no requirement regarding the duckling’s energy. You can join it over and over again even when you have already won first place. What more, you can make quick cash in joining for your pet’s training.

In Duck Life 6, aside from buying coins, you will also be buying items which has boost for your duckling. Hats will boost your energy level bonus, jackets will boost your skill level bonus and shoes will boost your speed or running skill bonus. So if you want to buy coins, join in Cup Races and buy items with boost, you need to go to space in Duck Life Space in your Apple or Android.

Complete Vex 3 game

If you are looking for an adventurous game that is truly action-packed, Vex 3 is the best game recommended for you. This game will not only make you relax but it will develop your skills as well. Rated as the most difficult chapter, Vex 3 is proven as the most full of fun to play.

Vex 3 provides you a lot of new obstacles as well as new achievements. The levels also have increased not only in number but also in terms of difficulty. There are more available levels which are a lot harder than the previous chapters of this game. The Tutorial stage is still there for you to warm up and also to have an overview of the game episode. There is also ten Acts including nine challenge stages. Though levels are truly hard and seem to be impossible to complete, they are definitely possible to. In truth, you can check the complete walkthrough videos of the game from a lot of players who had already successfully played this game.


Apart from the enhancement in levels and the challenges they bring, the Stage Builder was also upgraded and made it a lot better. It is not a must to play the pre-developed game before you can build your own levels. You are allowed to jump right into stage building soon after the game loads. You also need not to unpack first any builder packs in the pre-developed game. There are ready building tools at the bottom of the Stage Building that are also prearranged according to their own kind: platforms, objects and obstacles. If you are not satisfied yet with the ready building tools, you have nothing to worry because you can still find a lot of obstacles, platforms and objects as you play the pre-developed game.

The Trophies room was also improved, formerly categorized as Achievements room. There are 40 brand new achievements to accomplish. Those achievements or trophies are sectioned into four kinds. Ten of the trophies are segmented in the Standard Acts Trophies, 19 in the Hard Core Trophies, seven trophies in the Awesome Stuff Trophies, and four in the Completion Trophies. The higher the trophy, the harder it is to get. For more details about this game, you can visit

An unusual game of searching and bringing with Telepoultry

Are you the type of gamer that looks at the uniqueness of a game? If yes, then you will surely love the treat brought by this content that you are currently reading. It features a game called Telepoultry. If you think that it has something to do with poultry, you are correct. Telepoultry has something to with chickens because as we all know, the word “poultry” is about raising livestock and chickens.


The main character in this unique and unusual game is Bawk Bawk. From the name alone, you can definitely say that it is a chicken. Your objective is to guide Bawk Bawk which is a chicken on its mission. The chicken needs to be on the farmer’s meal table and be a chicken drumstick. From its exact location to its destination, your guidance will be very big and important so that the farmer will have his meal for the day. Enjoy this great game now!


Snipe goons and save your partner in Shorty Covers

Cover Vinnie, a hitman in his missions to eliminate bad guys. In Shorty Cover, you will be a sniper and your job is to kill enemies that are beyond your partner’s sight. Shoot everyone that attempts to kill Vinnie or the consider the mission failed. Time for those quick eyes and hands to take action. Pull that trigger on time because your partner’s life is on the line.

You play as Shorty, and your mission is to clean up before and after Vinnie, you are posted in a far away distance so you will not be shot, however your partner is in the area of action so you need to look after his health bar and don’t let it drop to zero. Choose over 3 guns and upgrade it using the cash you earn for finishing each mission. Stability, capacity, reload speed and zoom are the upgrades available for you to become a more efficient sniper. After finishing all the missions you will be ranked, according to the number of bullets you used and the times Vinnie has been hit. Lesser number for both of the criteria means higher rank.

Shorty Covers (1)

A10 games is a website for all ages

A10 Games offers you the latest flash games circulating the internet. You can choose from the wide range of game genre with over a hundred titles. Play accordingly on your mood, and choose the title that best suits your taste. A10 Games also gives information about the game, its creators, a bit of the storyline and basic controls on how to play a game. There is no needed subscription or membership in the website. You just click the title you want and start playing. Kids of all ages and even adults can enjoy the games that are available in the website.

All games are fun and educational, mental activities like decision-making, creativity and strategic planning are exercised as well. The games are very addictive so make sure that you keep playing in moderation, as your eyes need to have some rest as well. There is a search bar on the top left corner to save you time from browsing a game you have played. Multiple level games are also saved in your browser, so your progress will not go to waste if ever you not finished it. The website also allows you to share the games you are playing or planning to play in social media sites. With hundreds of titles, you can call your friends, sisters or brothers to play with you. There is a game for everybody, from the wide range of game genre.

If you want to explore new games, there Is also a list of the top 10 most played games and another list for top 10 new games in the website. What a convenient way to find a new title, so that you can be one of the first to play that game. There are also some games that give you external link where it directs you on the game website itself.

A10 Games (3)

It is all about racing and spying in Road Spies

It is a fact that there are lots of racing games exist online now because of the demand by the gamers around the world. It means that there are many options gamers can choose. Game creators addressed this issue by producing unique driving games which will definitely separate it from the usual driving games. Road Spies is a great example because it is way different from other flash games with driving as the main theme. The player will have to choose a mission, a vehicle or car and a weapon to use.


The mission determines the track or road he needs to drive around. The car is the integral part of the game. The weapons are additional factor in eliminating bad guys. There are upgrades available where one can choose using the spy cash received from the previous driving. Road Spies is a unique driving game where young minds and adults can really enjoy. The great thing about this game is that you are not only driving but spying at the same time.

Ball placement is the name of the game in Civiballs 3

If there is one object that has been incorporated in different mediums of entertainment for quite some time already, it is the ball. There are three factors why. First factor is the entertainment factor that it has which makes players attracted and hooked even more with the flash game. Second factor is the familiarity that most people have with balls. Familiarity can translate to easier time to control and manipulate most part of the game when you know the main element or character in a basic way. Last factor is the flexibility in terms of purpose. It can be a good background, a character or tools.

One good example of a flash game that incorporates balls is the one called Civiballs 3. It is the third offering from the series called Civiballs. This puzzle game can be entertaining and challenging at the same time. The objective of the gamers is to place the colored balls in the proper vases with corresponding colors. Utilize the ropes by cutting it so it will swing and place the balls at the right timing in the vases. This game is a matter of timing and trajectory to survive each level. If you want more information about it, just click