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scary maze game for mobile

The Scary Maze game versions are scary yet fun to play games. Some would find the surprise dismaying while others got shocked yet had fun. And most players enjoyed sharing the game with friends and watching them play and get scared.

If you are having fun with Scary Maze games online, you will surely enjoy more having it on your cellphones and gadgets. The Scary Maze game app is now available both is iOS and Android. The app is like a collection of several scary maze games. Download one app and you will be playing multiple Scary Maze games. You can download Maze Game for Android (apk) or through the Play Store or Maze Game for iPhone or iPad through the App Store to revel in the different Scary Maze games. Some of the Scary Maze games you will enjoy are the Scary Maze game 1, Scary find the Difference, Scary Maze 2, Scary Maze Mouse and Cheese and a lot more.

Initially, you will have to guide the blue box through the maze. As you play, collect the golden stars. When you have earned the required number of stars, you will then unlock another Scary Maze game. Each Scary Maze game has three levels for you to cross. There are six Scary Maze games at this time but there are more to come.


Remember that in playing Scary Maze games, your hand and eye coordination and your ability to concentrate is being tested. Once you hold on the guide circle, be careful not to let the object touch the walls or the game will be over. Do not even lift your finger or you will start all over again. Or, you might meet the surprise of your life. Share the game with your family and friends. Just take note that these games are not advisable for people with heart conditions or faint hearted.

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