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Jump your way in Freeway Fury 2

Are you looking for some adrenaline rush-giving games? Do you enjoy racing games? Try your luck in the Freeway Fury game series. Play the second installment, Freeway Fury 2, for more fun and more excitement.

Freeway Fury 2 (3)

Freeway Fury is back. He cannot take any more of the slow traffic in the highway. And so he had gone wild once again. You will play as Freeway Fury. Drive as fast as you can. Steer the wheel left or right for a freeway. When you are hindered to go fast by cars, trucks or motorcycles, jump on one of the vehicles. Drive that vehicle now as fast as possible. To jump from one vehicle to the other, hold down the Letter Z key and press one of the arrow keys that correspond to the direction of the car you intend to jump on then release the letter Z key.

When jumping in Freeway Fury 2, be careful not to fall from the vehicle. Falling from the vehicles will make you die. You can slam your current vehicle but not too much for slamming it much will break it. If a vehicle breaks while you are in it, it also ends the game. You also earn nitro for stunts made.

When you die, you will see your rank, XP gained and your score including the details of how you gained that score. There is also a map where you will see you progress represented by the green fill. When you reached the seventh line on top, you will be meeting the boss. In the Main Menu, there is also a button for Stats where you will see how much you have been playing, how many deaths you had, how many successful jumps you have made and other information regarding you play. Freeway Fury 2 is another crazy racing game made by Serious games.

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