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Strikeforce heroes 3

The Strike Force Heroes game series will surely be a great game for you if you love playing games full of action and adventure. It is an action-packed war-like game where you will simply keep on shooting enemy soldiers until what is ask of you are met. And there are varieties of objectives which will not bore you at all.

In the third installment, Strike force heroes 3, you will certainly enjoy fifty challenging missions. Each mission is unique and different from the others for having different objectives. Even the rewards differ in each mission. Winning in some missions will give you cash, a new strike force heroes member or both. The first twenty missions are said to be normal in difficulty. The next nine missions, twenty one to twenty eight, are harder than the first twenty. The rest of the missions, twenty nine to fifty, are said to be the hardest. Nevertheless, they are not impossibly hard. In fact, a lot of players had already finished Strike force heroes 3 with videos as proofs.

The game begins with a video clip that the enemy, GlobeX, is having a meeting with his minions in an unknown location. It was mentioned that his army of clones is now ready and that people will blame the Strike Force Heroes only. He also said that only one Strike Force Hero is not yet in control … that would be you. So you are now tasked to stop him from his evil plan of destroying the whole world.

You are now made commander of the military team. All decisions are yours to make. It is you who will decide who you will bring along in each mission, how many team members and even the colors of their uniforms. Your main goal is to stop GlobeX and all enemy soldiers at all cost. You are to protect territories and capture enemy terrains too. And so you must be able to find your former teammates.


The Strike force heroes 3 game is an addicting action and adventure game. Among the series, it is said to be the hardest yet most challenging. It has more missions compare to its prequels therefore, you will need longer time to play.