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Buy coins in Duck Life 6

If you are looking for an enjoyable adventure game, the Duck Life game series will surely satisfy you. In Duck Life 1 to 4, you will be challenged to train your duckling and join and win races and tournaments. However, in Duck Life 5, there was a shift in the storyline. It did away with training and tournaments.


The game began with a clipping showing that after the Fire Duck was defeated, the volcano remained dormant. Rumors had it that there were mysterious treasures deep in the cave of the volcano. Your duckling is among those who aspire to find such mysterious gems. Duck Life 6 is exactly the same as Duck Life 5 except for some improvements and added features. One improvement made is the addition of Coin Shop in the line of shops outside the volcano. The shops in Duck Life 5 were the Mechanic Shop, Hairdresser Shop, Clothing Shop, Witch Ducktor Shop, Jetpacks Shop and the Pet Shop. In Duck Life 6, you can now buy coins in the Coin Shop. However, the Coin Seller sells coin only if you play the game in your Apple or Android device.

Another improvement made in the sixth installment is the addition of Cup Races. There are requirements for each Cup before you can join. The Cups are the Plastic Cup, Copper Cup, Bronze Cup, Silver Cup and the Gold Cup. In the Plastic Cup, anyone can join since there is no requirement regarding the duckling’s energy. You can join it over and over again even when you have already won first place. What more, you can make quick cash in joining for your pet’s training.

In Duck Life 6, aside from buying coins, you will also be buying items which has boost for your duckling. Hats will boost your energy level bonus, jackets will boost your skill level bonus and shoes will boost your speed or running skill bonus. So if you want to buy coins, join in Cup Races and buy items with boost, you need to go to space in Duck Life Space in your Apple or Android.