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An unusual game of searching and bringing with Telepoultry

Are you the type of gamer that looks at the uniqueness of a game? If yes, then you will surely love the treat brought by this content that you are currently reading. It features a game called Telepoultry. If you think that it has something to do with poultry, you are correct. Telepoultry has something to with chickens because as we all know, the word “poultry” is about raising livestock and chickens.


The main character in this unique and unusual game is Bawk Bawk. From the name alone, you can definitely say that it is a chicken. Your objective is to guide Bawk Bawk which is a chicken on its mission. The chicken needs to be on the farmer’s meal table and be a chicken drumstick. From its exact location to its destination, your guidance will be very big and important so that the farmer will have his meal for the day. Enjoy this great game now!