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Snipe goons and save your partner in Shorty Covers

Cover Vinnie, a hitman in his missions to eliminate bad guys. In Shorty Cover, you will be a sniper and your job is to kill enemies that are beyond your partner’s sight. Shoot everyone that attempts to kill Vinnie or the consider the mission failed. Time for those quick eyes and hands to take action. Pull that trigger on time because your partner’s life is on the line.

You play as Shorty, and your mission is to clean up before and after Vinnie, you are posted in a far away distance so you will not be shot, however your partner is in the area of action so you need to look after his health bar and don’t let it drop to zero. Choose over 3 guns and upgrade it using the cash you earn for finishing each mission. Stability, capacity, reload speed and zoom are the upgrades available for you to become a more efficient sniper. After finishing all the missions you will be ranked, according to the number of bullets you used and the times Vinnie has been hit. Lesser number for both of the criteria means higher rank.

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A10 games is a website for all ages

A10 Games offers you the latest flash games circulating the internet. You can choose from the wide range of game genre with over a hundred titles. Play accordingly on your mood, and choose the title that best suits your taste. A10 Games also gives information about the game, its creators, a bit of the storyline and basic controls on how to play a game. There is no needed subscription or membership in the website. You just click the title you want and start playing. Kids of all ages and even adults can enjoy the games that are available in the website.

All games are fun and educational, mental activities like decision-making, creativity and strategic planning are exercised as well. The games are very addictive so make sure that you keep playing in moderation, as your eyes need to have some rest as well. There is a search bar on the top left corner to save you time from browsing a game you have played. Multiple level games are also saved in your browser, so your progress will not go to waste if ever you not finished it. The website also allows you to share the games you are playing or planning to play in social media sites. With hundreds of titles, you can call your friends, sisters or brothers to play with you. There is a game for everybody, from the wide range of game genre.

If you want to explore new games, there Is also a list of the top 10 most played games and another list for top 10 new games in the website. What a convenient way to find a new title, so that you can be one of the first to play that game. There are also some games that give you external link where it directs you on the game website itself.

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It is all about racing and spying in Road Spies

It is a fact that there are lots of racing games exist online now because of the demand by the gamers around the world. It means that there are many options gamers can choose. Game creators addressed this issue by producing unique driving games which will definitely separate it from the usual driving games. Road Spies is a great example because it is way different from other flash games with driving as the main theme. The player will have to choose a mission, a vehicle or car and a weapon to use.


The mission determines the track or road he needs to drive around. The car is the integral part of the game. The weapons are additional factor in eliminating bad guys. There are upgrades available where one can choose using the spy cash received from the previous driving. Road Spies is a unique driving game where young minds and adults can really enjoy. The great thing about this game is that you are not only driving but spying at the same time.