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Destroy more castles in crush the castle 4

Crush the Castle game series is a physics-based game. As the title states, you will be crushing castle after castle using a catapult. In the fourth installment of the game series, the Crush the Castle 4 Adventure, the Redvonian king had found the love of his life at last. But she, Lady Catapult, is not that easy to amaze. She thinks that the king is weak.

Thinking of a way to win her heart, the king thought of a plan for world domination to show her he is strong. Using the trebuchet, you are tasked to destroy castles around the kingdom along with its inhabitants. As you go destroying castles, additional challenges may be given before you can continue to the next one. You also need a number of tasks accomplished to be promoted. The game offers over a hundred of levels for your enjoyment.

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