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Ball placement is the name of the game in Civiballs 3

If there is one object that has been incorporated in different mediums of entertainment for quite some time already, it is the ball. There are three factors why. First factor is the entertainment factor that it has which makes players attracted and hooked even more with the flash game. Second factor is the familiarity that most people have with balls. Familiarity can translate to easier time to control and manipulate most part of the game when you know the main element or character in a basic way. Last factor is the flexibility in terms of purpose. It can be a good background, a character or tools.

One good example of a flash game that incorporates balls is the one called Civiballs 3. It is the third offering from the series called Civiballs. This puzzle game can be entertaining and challenging at the same time. The objective of the gamers is to place the colored balls in the proper vases with corresponding colors. Utilize the ropes by cutting it so it will swing and place the balls at the right timing in the vases. This game is a matter of timing and trajectory to survive each level. If you want more information about it, just click


Destroy more castles in crush the castle 4

Crush the Castle game series is a physics-based game. As the title states, you will be crushing castle after castle using a catapult. In the fourth installment of the game series, the Crush the Castle 4 Adventure, the Redvonian king had found the love of his life at last. But she, Lady Catapult, is not that easy to amaze. She thinks that the king is weak.

Thinking of a way to win her heart, the king thought of a plan for world domination to show her he is strong. Using the trebuchet, you are tasked to destroy castles around the kingdom along with its inhabitants. As you go destroying castles, additional challenges may be given before you can continue to the next one. You also need a number of tasks accomplished to be promoted. The game offers over a hundred of levels for your enjoyment.

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Complete all the challenges in Gun Mayhem 4

If you have played the Gun Mayhem game series, have some more fun in the fourth installment of the game, Gun Mayhem 4 Redux. In this version, you can either play as a single player against AI opponents in Campaign Mode or play in multiplayer game against friends and family in Custom Mode. In the Campaign Mode, there are ten challenges but you have to win the prior challenges to unlock more challenges.

The first two challenges has been pre-unlocked. In In the Custom Mode, you can set the number of the starting lives, the kinds of crates and the domination point limit. There are three game modes: Free For All where the last player standing wins, Team Deathmatch where the last team standing wins and Domination where the first player to reach the point limit wins. You can play the game for free at

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