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Additional improvements made in flood runner 6

Brace yourself for more improvements and challenges in the sixth sequel of Flood Runner. There are now four levels of platforms where you are can fall on the next lower level every time you did not make a successful leap. The glider, the surfboard, the shield, the trampoline and the air current are there for your advantage. The boxing glove which you can use for your advantage but will damage your health is also present. You will still collect coins to purchase upgrades. An addition in the sequel is the ability to use gun for a limited time, but you have to collect enough coins first to earn the ability.

Aside from bananas, oil slicks, and the increased number of snakes and spikes, there is now a patch of glue on some levels which could halt you for a time causing the flood to catch up with you. Just click here to know more about Flood Runner 6.