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Control your ride in Kayak King

Kayaking is one of the leisure activities that is booming at the moment in certain places in the world especially the ones who are surrounded by great bodies of water. There are two types of kayaking. The first one is with the calm or still water kayaking and the other one pertains to water rapids kayaking. For some people, they prefer the latter because it is more exciting and challenging. But if you are going for just calm and smooth waves, you can try the former. This article presents a flash game called Kayak King.


Based on the title, you will be virtually kayaking in this game. One good thing about it is that most gamers or people who are not yet aware about kayaking can learn one or two by playing this game. You will be riding a kayak as the player in this game. You will have to reach the finish line which is quite tough since you will be dealing with water rapids that are strong and tough to control with. Make sure that you avoid rocks and fast rapids so that you can reach the finish line safe.

Kayak King