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Prepare your raft and ammo in Raft Wars 2

Shooting games have been offering tremendous entertainment through the years. They have been very helpful in terms of breaking the ice whenever boredom, laziness or awkwardness occur. They have been efficient in providing quality action in terms of fighting and shooting. But sometimes, there are shooting games that offer too much graphics that tend to affect young ones. Fortunately, there are child-friendly shooting games that children and you can play. One good example is Raft Wars 2. This is already the second installment from the game series called Raft Wars.

Raft Wars 2 (1)

Your mission as the player in this game is to control and navigate a cute character riding a raft. Your ultimate goal is to defeat opponents by shooting tennis balls towards them. You can upgrade your weapons and rafts if you are able to collect enough money and points. Raft Wars 2 is perfect for all ages who want to have fun or do something whenever boredom strikes.