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Control the blue puffball in Gravoor Perfect

Do you have an idea what Gravoor Perfect is all about? If you are totally clueless, it is fine because you will be able to know something about it as you read along in this article. Gravoor Perfect is a flash game that has something unique but very challenging game play. You will be dealing with a blue puffball which you will have to control and navigate. There are two things that you can look forward in this game. First is the symbol that will make your puffball bigger. Second is another symbol that makes your puffball smaller for five seconds. For more interesting facts, just continue reading the entire article.

Make your puffball reach the keys and the safe exits in each level by controlling it using your mouse. There will be times that the platform is easy to accomplish while other are tough to finish. Make sure that you control the mouse smoothly in order to move towards the next levels of the game.