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It is all about etiquette in Bathroom Simulator

Etiquette is very important in different situations occurring in our life. Without it, everything will be disorganized and messy which will create certain impression of others towards you. That is the reason why it is integral to learn etiquette in different occasions and places. The flash game presented in this game is about etiquette in the bathroom. The name of the game is Bathroom Simulator. From the title itself, you can determine or have at least, a hint about the main topic of this game which is simulation of bathroom etiquette.

Bathroom Simulator

It is one of the most important etiquette that people should really know because bathroom is one of the critical places for germs and bacteria to lurk around. Going back to game, your goal is to choose the necessary stall in every given situation. Just like the proper stall for peeing and other stuffs. If you want to know more about this game, you can search for it online.