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Be the greatest hero pig in Hambo 2

It is noticeable that animals are commonly incorporated in different entertainment mediums existing at the moment. There is no doubt that they are great themes in serving quality entertainment at all forms. There are two distinct answers that can satisfy the question. One is because of the fact the animals are cute and cuddly creatures. Second is because these animals are good characters to put human actions into. Pig is one of the most incorporated animals in movies, television series and flash games.

Hambo 2 (4)

There have been movies where a pig has been the main character. In this article, a flash game is presented where the main character is also a pig. The name of the game is Hambo 2. This game has shown an alternative but entertaining way of exposing the characteristics of a pig. This second installment is surely a hot among gamers around the world. The main objective of the player is to act as the hero pig who has to save the community from gangster pigs. Utilize the shooting weapon provided and be at your best performance. You can visit this cute game at

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