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Cheer up the trio in Monkey Go Happy 3

Monkey Go Happy 3 is the third installment from the flash game series called Monkey Go Happy. The mentioned game series has been very successful and popular because of two reasons. First is because it offers great and challenging puzzles which really test the players to their limits. Second is because it features monkeys which are cute, clever and really entertaining. Continue reading this post so you can get some idea about the gameplay of this flash game. This is perfect for kids and adults who are looking for some light entertainment during their free time.

There are 15 exciting levels in this third offering. The players will deal with monkeys in each level. The goal is to make the trio of monkeys happy at the end of each level by completing the puzzles presented. Try your best to solve the puzzles as quick as possible. Make sure that they are complete and correct so you can advance.

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