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Be the greatest hero pig in Hambo 2

It is noticeable that animals are commonly incorporated in different entertainment mediums existing at the moment. There is no doubt that they are great themes in serving quality entertainment at all forms. There are two distinct answers that can satisfy the question. One is because of the fact the animals are cute and cuddly creatures. Second is because these animals are good characters to put human actions into. Pig is one of the most incorporated animals in movies, television series and flash games.

Hambo 2 (4)

There have been movies where a pig has been the main character. In this article, a flash game is presented where the main character is also a pig. The name of the game is Hambo 2. This game has shown an alternative but entertaining way of exposing the characteristics of a pig. This second installment is surely a hot among gamers around the world. The main objective of the player is to act as the hero pig who has to save the community from gangster pigs. Utilize the shooting weapon provided and be at your best performance. You can visit this cute game at

Win races everyday in Drift N Burn 3

Drift ‘n’ Burn 3 is an awesome 3D racing game online. This might be one of the most challenging racing games because in this game, you will race across the globe in a bid to collect up to 100 cars in the span of 100 days. You are going to race in different known cities in the world every day. Do your best in your chosen track and speed up your engine to defeat all your opponents.


Eliminate the other opponents’ cars by hitting them off track. You can also strike them by using the weapons you pick up off the track. Make sure to win every race in every city. The following day is another challenging day for you. You are going to race in another city, with your another awesome new car but the same goal, grab weapons and crash cars and collect your opposing teams’ cars.

Cheer up the trio in Monkey Go Happy 3

Monkey Go Happy 3 is the third installment from the flash game series called Monkey Go Happy. The mentioned game series has been very successful and popular because of two reasons. First is because it offers great and challenging puzzles which really test the players to their limits. Second is because it features monkeys which are cute, clever and really entertaining. Continue reading this post so you can get some idea about the gameplay of this flash game. This is perfect for kids and adults who are looking for some light entertainment during their free time.

There are 15 exciting levels in this third offering. The players will deal with monkeys in each level. The goal is to make the trio of monkeys happy at the end of each level by completing the puzzles presented. Try your best to solve the puzzles as quick as possible. Make sure that they are complete and correct so you can advance.

Monkey Go Happy 3 (4)