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Find a safe zone or area with Earn To Die 5

Earn to Die is a flash game series that is popular and thrilling. This is a very successful series because of two reasons. One is because it involves vehicles such as cars and trucks which are used for driving and transportation. Second is because of the target of smashing which are the zombies. But with the latest installment called Earn To Die 5, there will be a major change in characters. Curious about that change? Go and read the next paragraph to enlighten to your mind anew about it.


The major change is the exclusion of zombies as the target of the crushing and smashing because of the new storyline with this game. The story line is about a medic transport driver which will be played by the players who has the objective of reaching the hospital in one piece. But this is not ab easy task because there are enemies waiting for you to hurdle your way. The player must use the vehicle available to crash signs, to eliminate enemy tanks as well as enemy troops. There are three missions that you need to complete as well as three types of cars which you can use such as military medic VW Beetle, military medic van and the military medic jeep.

Be a great dwarf in Dwarf Village

Are you familiar with Farmville and Farm Frenzy? Have you noticed a distinct characteristic in these two flash games? If you are clueless, it is ok because you will know the answers now. The common thing or characteristic about the two flash games is that they are about creating or simulating a farm life. This article presents a similar game which is called Dwarf Village. This features a dwarf which is the main character. There are two reasons why you will love this game. First is because of its cuteness and entertainment factor. Second is because of the simulation that will give gamers a valuable lesson which they can positively use in real life.

The player will play the role of a dwarf who is trying to start a new life in the village. You can walk around the village and start communicating with other villagers. You can also visit different shops where you can buy certain crops or seeds which you can use to start growing plants or breed animals such as chickens, pigs and cows. On a daily basis, you will get the chance to earn coins from the crops that you are growing and the animals that you are breeding. This is a good practice farming and living a simple but fruitful life.


Run and jump for the sixth time with Flood Runner 6

Flood Runner 6 is the latest edition from the game series called Flood Runner. This series has been very successful because of three reasons. First is because it has a story that truly evolves. Second is because it offers great and valuable entertainment to many people or gamers. Lastly, it offers great challenge that will tests an individual’s ability in handling different scenarios. Since this is already the sixth edition, gamers can expect some changes and developments. To find out about those improvements, feel free to scan this whole article.


The mission in this game is the same with the previous editions which is to run ahead of an exploding flood, lava and a hungry giant. The player should guide the character in jumping and running until it reaches a safe zone. There are improvements and changes presented in this game such as the return of the shield, ability to use a gun for a limited time, the return of the boxing gloves and the air current. If you want to play this game, you can search for it online or click here.