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Investigate and conclude with High School Detective

Do you want to be a detective? Do you have what it takes to become one? Are you good in certain skills? If you are affirmative with these three questions, then you will surely love the flash game called High School Detective. This game is perfect for individuals who are curious, investigative and focus in any given tasks or situations. Being a detective in real life takes a lot of courage, intelligence and strategies. Courage in terms of making bold actions and firm movements. Intelligence in terms of knowing what to do, when to move and where to groove. Strategies pertain to the methods to be implemented to achieve the desired goals.

Your role as the player in this game is a detective. The scenario is that there are two incidents of poisoning. One happened to the high school football team and the other is with a local celebrity. The principal hires you to investigate the said incidents. You must talk to people, find clues, and utilize the objects in your environment, which is your school. Find the culprit and give justice to the victims with the aid of your super detective skills.

High School Detective