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A variety of game present in Snail Bob Games

Snail Bob Games is a compilation of the Snail Bob game series. The good thing about this compilation is that it can be a great source of entertainment for players who want simple yet entertaining games. Another thing is the editions involved which create a big picture that the players will have to find out. The whole series features a snail named Bob who is the main character or the protagonist in the game. Bob will go on an adventure through different worlds or environments with certain objectives or goals. To find out about them, you can simply scan and skim this whole article.

Snail Bob games (2)

As mentioned earlier, Snail Bob Games is a compilation of the Snail Bob game series. If you ask what specific editions are included, they are editions one to three. Snail Bob 1 serves as the introduction of the whole story that will progress in the next editions. Snail Bob 2 presents Bob as he goes through a complicated environment in which he has to survive and reach the safe exit. Snail Bob 3 offers more challenging game process as there will be new hinders or obstacles set up within the game. If you are attempting to play the following game, you can visit the main webpage which is