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Help Your Stickman With Stealing The Diamond!

Play as a stickmen who needs to steal a diamond and get excited! If you try out this game you will assure having a lot of fun. What you need to do is sneak into the museum and steal a Tunisian diamond. You can choose a strategy to do this and different tools will be at your disposal.

Stealing The Diamond (4)

You can choose a hammer, jumble hoppers or you can even choose to shrink your stickman and make more easier for him to get into the museum. Liquidificator will turn you into a liquid. Or you can use a teleporter and teleport yourself in the museum. And what do you think about an invisibility pill? You just need to pay attention to guards who are taking care of the diamond. So as you can see there are a lot of options for you. Try here if you like what you read. You will have a lot of fun!

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