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Be strick and professional in Fierce Fashion Agents

Are you familiar with a fashion police? This is not the one who arrests criminals and bad people but the one who has a keen eye for fashion and style. There are many sites online where bloggers act as fashion police and they create contents about certain people’s dress, shoes, and overall style. They can criticize and praise if you do bad or good in styling. In fact, there is one game that really fits or suits with the people who have a high fashion sense and it is called Fierce Fashion Agents.


The player’s role is to act as a fashion police. You are actually a member of a group of fashion agents whose mission is to dress and style people who are not properly dressed or have no sense at all. You will be deployed in a particular place where you will have to observe the people around and find those who have no style at all. Dress them efficiently and your score will depend on how their transformation went.