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Paper Utilization is a must in Paper Defense

When it comes to ancient times, paper can be considered as one of the oldest invention of humankind developed by the Chinese. It has a lot of uses or purposes, which humans are enjoying up to now. It is mainly use to write something such as letters, numbers, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. It is quite unusual that flash games find a way to incorporate this ancient object. Creativity really kicks in when you are really determined and focused on what you are doing which is grasped by most game creators nowadays.

paper defense

Paper Defense is a great product of the said event, which now entertains many people around the world. If you are asking about the player’s role, it has something to do with paper obviously. Paper maximization is a must and can be done by expanding the paper walls so that the enemies won’t be able to penetrate your territory at all. 27 types of enemies or opponents might face your walls as well as 37 levels that you can enjoy. This is another good way of utilizing the potential of paper to be a character or characters in certain entertainment mediums.

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