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Retrieve your treasure in Raft Wars 2

What will you get if you mix or combine water and shooting action? The answer is Raft Wars 2. This is actually the second installment from the very successful flash game series called Raft Wars. This is about shooting while you are in water.
There are three reasons why players will surely like this game. One is because its environment is a waterpark. Second is because it involves action and shooting skills. Third is because of the goal or objective that you will find out later on. Continue skimming and scanning the whole content now. As a player, you will have to guide your character throughout the game. You will navigate and control it through the water park. You will have to shoot tennis ball towards the enemies coming your way. Your mission is to retrieve your lost treasure, which is placed at the water park. Search for this game online and have a blast water rafting and shooting.

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