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Have an aerial battle in Heli Attack 3

Are you familiar with a helicopter? It is an aerial vehicle usually intended for close area surveillance and transportation. It is like the baby of an airplane that has limitations when it comes to how high it can reach or fly. As mentioned earlier, it is the usual vehicle use for travelling in close or near places, for search and rescue operation and for surveillancing a specific area. It is now being incorporated in flash games and one good example is Heli Attack 3. If you want to know more about it, just read this article.
This is a run and shooter game which means a player will have to aim and shoot while in a moving object or vehicle which in this game pertains to a helicopter. Your mission is to destroy all the enemy units and territories by utilizing more than 30 weapons. You just have to wisely use them for more chances of gaining points.

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Get valuable information in Vehicles Walkthrough

It is understandable that when an individual is playing a particular game, there will be confusion and unclear experience because the game is new to him or her. The first thing that he or she will do is to read the instructions of the game. That is a good way to be familiar but one can’t execute all the levels in one or two tries which makes the playing experience tougher. This is where a walkthrough comes in. A Walkthrough is a tutorial or page where one will be able to get some valuable ideas and tips about the game he or she is currently playing as well as having a hard time figuring the levels. One of the games which has a walkthrough is the flash game called Vehicles. If you are playing this game, it will be very helpful if you seek help or tips through Vehicles Walkthrough. With this tutorial, one can get ideas of how the levels of Vehicles are and how they can be accomplished. You can also review other information which will be worthy when you play the flash game Vehicles.


Shoot precisely in Plazma Burst 1

Shooting games are very addicting because of three reasons. One is because of the involvement of guns and other weapons for shooting. Most of us want some mediums where we can unleash our skills shooting in a safe way just like flash games. Second reason is because it involves action. Last reason is because it is very entertaining which is the main purpose of flash games. One perfect example is Plazma Burst 1. This game has a touch of futuristic feature such as the protagonists and enemies.
The objective of this game is to shoot enemies using different weapons. There are 16 challenging levels which will test the player’s shooting skills as well as his or her strategic thinking. There are 9 different weapons the player can use through upgrades which can be attained once the player is able to earn points. Plazma Burst 1 is such a fantastic game and if you want to know more about it, visit Search it. Play it. Enjoy it. Have a futuristic blast!

Plazma Burst 1