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Survive the road in Road of Fury

A flash game which has a combination of skills and action is better than a single purpose game. The good thing about games like these is that it enables individual to enjoy a combination of thrill, action and adventure. If there is one perfect game that suits the description, it will be the game called Road of Fury. This is not an ordinary game because it involves driving skill as well as shooting vibes. To elaborate this game, continue reading this content. The player will have to drive in the Road of Fury where hostile opponents are firing at will on air and ground. The target will be you and you must be strategically drive the vehicle while precisely shooting enemies with the use of the gun.
There are upgrades available to better your driving and shooting performance. Road of Fury is an intense and crazy flash game where players will be having fun playing. Visit the official website for more information.

Road of Fury

Defeat the ape in Monkey Go Happy 6

Monkey Go Happy series is indeed a successful one because of two reasons. First is because it includes or involves monkeys that most kids love and find amusing and cute. Second is because of the excitement it brings which makes the creator go for a sixth version, which is Monkey Go Happy 6. The aim of this game is still the same, which is to make the monkeys happy by completing certain puzzles and shooting some stuffs. Although there are similarities that can be seen in the previous versions, there are three new features that will make gamers hooked to this edition.
First thing, that is new to Monkey Go Happy 6 is the villain, which is an ape, trying to hurdle or hinder you from making the monkeys happy. Second is that there are five monkeys that you should make very happy. Third are the 15 levels that add to the level of difficulty that players must overcome and finish. If there were a special thing about this version, it would be the upgraded level of fun that individuals can experience.

Monkey Go Happy 6

Play another round of maze games in Scary Maze Game 7

Your favorite heart pounding, gut wrenching and scream inducing game series is back with another terrifying sequel prepared to blow your mind away. In Scary Maze Game 7, the seventh installment of the very popular game series, you are tasked to guide the ball through the maze, making sure that it does not touch anything. Be sure not to touch anything, okay? You wouldn’t like the scary consequences, that’s for sure. To know more about the game, where to play and how to play it, click the link that will be provided:

Scary Maze Game 7 is the 2013 version of the popular game series. It’s very fun and exciting. It will definitely keep you alive and awake because of all the surprises that are in store for you.

scary maze game

Swing through obstacles in Hanger 2

Have you watched the movie “Tarzan?” Are you fascinated whenever the scene of the lead character swinging from trees to trees? Have you ever imagined or tried to swing or hang through obstacles using a rope? If you are on the affirmative side, there’s a flash game that might give you the virtual feeling of swinging and hanging on crops. The game is called Hanger 2.
Hanger 2 is a skill-based game where one needs precise swinging and hanging skills using ropes. The aim of the game is to swing through obstacles, avoiding rocks set up below and above the environment and try to finish each level without losing too much body parts. The goal may seem so simple but when you are on the actual play, you might have a hard time if you don’t focus in the screen. There are 23 levels that a player can really enjoy and serve as challenges to hurdle over.

Hanger 2