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Be aware of alerts in Return Man games

The term Return Man Games is among highly searched terms on Google and a few other big search engines now! In these games, a player will compete against his enemies who attack the player, so you will need to use some extra skills to handle these games. At the top of these games, a scoreboard is designed and placed with the number of perfectly made defensive stands which will be described clearly.
Keep in mind that losing any stand will lead you to lose the points, and if it goes empty you will not be able to proceed the game, so you have to quit the game immediately, and if you want to proceed it, you have to restart the game again. You will be required to be aware of every alert you receive before you click the play button.

Return Man games

Help her in The Shotgun Princess

Do you love princess stories? Get ready to play The Shotgun Princess, made by Luke Harwath, which has a big name in creating new games. The princess in this game carries a small shotgun, but some goblins and witches are there. The princess is in trouble, and you have to secure her and help her escape this dangerous, creepy, and scary cabin. What do you think, are you able to help her escape? If you can, please try this game The Shotgun Princess and enjoy with a beautiful princess.
If you think that this is a complicated game, well, I assure you its not. The mechanics are very easy. You can use your mouse to point and click. Your best weapon is your brain. You must think of a very effective strategy to help the princess get her way out. This game will certainly test your strategy skills and decision making.

The Shotgun Princess

Reach the high score in Curve Ball

Feeling some boring time and need to kill your free time by playing some interesting games? Well, Curve Ball is a game that can do this job for you while playing this addictive game. Once you start this game, it’s very difficult to you to quit the game without finishing it successfully. This game is available on the internet for free and can be enjoyed on iPad, iPhone, Windows phones, and Android phones. E4 recommends it highly to the gamers.
Age is not a matter, so enjoy it whether you are young, kid or a teen. It’s simple but amazing game that keeps you busy and entertained. Have you ever played Pong? If your answer to this question is yes, then you should be happy, because this game is an improved edition of Pong. Get ready to have a chance to reach the higher scores.

Curve Ball

The final version Hobo 7 HEAVEN

Hobo series has many versions that are launched and this is its final version named Hobo 7 HEAVEN. In this game, the player will find a funny story about God, satan and himself. Hi found himself not comfortable in Heaven, and no one is ready to welcome him in that place even after he has defeated the Satan. Now it’s the time of his appointment with his God.
Let’s see what they talk with each other. The controls are easy to handle, such as A, S and the arrow keys. With A, you can perform 2 jobs, so you can punch with using this key, and the other job is picking the items. Kicking and stuffing is possible with using the S key. The arrow keys (Left, Up, Down, and Right) will help you move the characters. Let’s enjoy it with kids.


Crush the Castle is back with more!

Crush the castle! Your favorite game is back with better graphics, better gameplay and better levels that will make you squeal in excitement. Crush the Castle 4 is the fourth installment to the very fun and exciting puzzle game. The mission of the game is still the same as the previous games, eliminate all the soldiers by aiming and shooting correctly. With more challenging levels to tickle your mind and question your aiming skills, prove your expertise by achieving the perfect score in each level! To know more about the game, where to play it and how to play it, check out this link:

What are you waiting for? Don’t just sit there. Click the link now and get some Crush the Castle 4 action. It will definitely complete your day. Play now!

crush the castle 4

Enjoy Monkey go Happy mini monkeys 4

Monkey go Happy mini monkeys 4 at is a game that is launched after the successful launching of the 3rd version of the series. Same clothes have been used in this version but with different colors. A good flash game for the players from all over the world. This 4th version has a great similarity to all the past 3 versions, so the plot and other features are like the past editions. The levels are easy to achieve, the missions are simple to get, the music is great to listen, and the graphics are nice to look.
A very nice tree is saying welcome to you when you open the game. A good home has been designed under the tree, that is made using good material of wood. A nice grassy plot is created and some good characters are running on its main screen.

Monkey go Happy mini monkeys 4