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Be the best biker in Free Rider 2

Everyone in this world likes to engage in activities that are heart-pounding and adrenaline rising. In the world of flash games, people are highly attracted to playing games that will satisfy this even if it’s only on a virtual level. Free Rider 2 offers the chance for you to experience this and have super fun. If you’re familiar with the original Free Rider which is really popular, then it’s time to squeal like the fangirl/boy you are. In Free Rider 2, not only do you get better graphics, you also get to play more challenging and exciting levels. Choose your choice of ride before playing the game! You get to choose between a bmx, a chopper, and so much more. If you want to learn more about this very exciting game, you can get a lot of site where you can play and learn more about this game.
So, don’t wait and get that heart of your pounding. Play Free Rider 2 now!

Free Rider 2

Hungry worm in effing worms 4

This 4th edition is amazing, play it and enjoy with your friends choosing the best place or website to play. If you have enjoyed the versions 1, 2, and 3, then there is no difficulty for you to try it. Your warm in this 4th version Effing Worms 4 is going to destroy all excitement and fun that arrives in this day of leave. Holiday festivities should be enjoyed and this game should be played by you and your friends.
Your controls are A, S, D, and W, that you can use for moving the worm down, up, right and left. The arrow keys can be applied also to move the character in those directions. When you want to pause the game, use P key while the game’s sound can be muted with using the M button.

effing worms 4

Dress to Impress in Stylish Girl 2

Whether you’re going for a movie, going on a date or attending a job interview, you always need to be fashionable and stylish. In Stylish Girl 2, you get to practice your fashion skills by dressing up your player. Earn money by dressing her up into the most appropriate and stylish clothes you can find to match the even she’s going to. Make sure to get the outfit right or else the person you’re meeting with will leave you. Once you earn enough money, you can shop for more clothes and accessories in the shop. There are so many beautiful items to choose from. From plain shirts down to elaborate gowns, the shop wardrobe will definitely make your mouth water.
Stylish Girl 2 is a very fun game for fashion enthusiasts out there. You get to dress up you character in nice clothes to help her accomplish her mission. What are you waiting for? Play now!

Stylish Girl 2

Escape in Bear Escape

Get ready to enjoy Bear Escape, created and launched by Just Pine Games. You are in the woods, and nobody is with you, so you are going alone and reaching a cabin. Suddenly you see a bear, which is clawing at your door. Do you want to be a quick dinner for that bear? No? Right then you have make yourself safe from that bear and have a point and must click the way to escape yourself and run. This game was created and designed at 12th of May, 2014. More than 267,000 times it has been opened and enjoyed by its fans.
Going out the window will be difficult for you, so use your strategies to achieve this task, so that way you will be able to break the window and go out of it. Try it, and I am sure you will like it.

bear escape

Play with a dot in New Year Maze Game

This game was presented in December 2012. For the bad and naughty kids, the game could be a surprise. May you imagine that the game can surprise you when it ends. The developers of this game have tried their best to enhance this game. Now, we can say that this game is perfect for the people who love maze games. If you need more details of this New Year Maze Game, go to the website to read useful articles written by experts and players.
This game offers you a scary and new experience. The mission is simple here, just use a pink colored dot and try to bring it through a maze up to the place where the word FINISH is written. The look of the first level is like a Christmas tree. Enjoy the game with your friends.

new year maze game

Check your driving skills in Rich Cars 2

Are you ready to enjoy another thrilling version of the series Rich Cars 2? You are going to travel along with turns, twists and many giant obstacles in this high-quality game using a classic car that is very fast and has the ability to perform many death-defying stunts. You have to boost up the experience you have and make sure to blow up whatever you face that is obstructing the path and don’t let the car slow down. Enjoy more riches, more loops, many obstacles. In this version, the police will chase you also so be careful. Visit the official website and learn some techniques to achieve you goals.
This version consists of many controls for many functions, don’t forget to learn them as soon as possible to enjoy the game. It’s a test of your driving skills also.

Rich Cars 2

Control Scary Maze Game with your mouse

The concept of the Scary Maze Game is very simple. In fact, this game itself is easy and simple. No instructions and restrictions in this game, just make sure to don’t touch the designed walls and that’s all. The player is free with what he does and acts so he will not face any difficulty in playing this simple game. No more controls are required to controls the game except your mouse. How the mouse will be used to control the game? Learn visiting this site
But, keep in mind it’s a little bit harder than you see it as I told you before that you are not allowed to touch the walls, because if the player touches them, he will be forced the start played level from the beginning again. The game contains some difficult levels too, but after completing some first levels.

Scary Maze Game