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Crank up the volume in scary maze game

Willing to find some scary games that can please you while playing? Do you want to share such games with your friends and family? Just visit this page and get all featured and hottest games that have ability to test your patience and skills. The scary maze games include Scary Maze Games 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Scary Puzzle Games, Scary Differences, Scary Bubble Wrap, Save the Justin Bieber, and much more.
These games test the coordination between your hand and eye and test which concentration skills you have. Keep the headphones on and crank up the volume. Your mission is to guide the dot in this game to finish each level.

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Help the robber in Super Sneak

This is a lovely game named Super Sneak. It’s about a robber who is trying to steal many expensive things and he wants to do it because he needs to impress someone whom he love. We admit that this job in not legal in our actual life, but you must assist the masked robber to finish all quests, get wads of money, rob the homes and then catch a vehicle to escape.
Keep in mind you must avoid any mistake that helps the police catch you. Just your mouse can be used to control it. You will get sneakier and greedy achievements on each level, but we are sorry to say that there’s not actually any incentive to complete if you have missed it.