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Play a friendly game Bubble Shooter 3

There are many tips about Bubble Shooter 3 you can follow them in order to play it in the right way. I am going to list a few of them. Whenever you shot six bubbles, you will see a new row has been added to the top. The game will end if a ball touches the fundament border. If you want to bounce the new ball, use right and left border in more progressed angles. Separated bubbles from the rest of others, will burst also. More detail can be read at

If you see the lower left side, the upcoming bubbles can be seen easily. Unlike other games, Bubble shooter 3 has no final end because you are free to collect as many points as you can and as your internet connection allows. Really, Bubble Shooter 3 is one of the best easygoing, friendly and casual game.

McCoy needs your help in Cactus Mccoy 4

You are going to enjoy the hunting experience as an actual treasure hunter and you are with Cactus McCoy in a journey, both of you are ready to perform in an adventure that is filled with action, puzzles, anticipations and thriller with a lot of excitement in this new game Cactus McCoy 4. A unique environment and some decent improvements have been added in this amazing game.
Cactus McCoy is now out of his place in this Cactus McCoy 4, and he is on his another journey to face some wonderful artifacts and treasures he always search. He tries to get himself in a situation that is dangerous because we can see that he always choose a wrong place to visit at the wrong time. Your mission in this game is to assist the Cactus McCoy struggle against the enemies from removing their hands on the stolen treasure.

Run Ninja Run 1: First edition of the series

Run Ninja Run 1 is another game that has a wonderful action platform. And it is created having inspiration from other games such as Canabalt and Flood Runner. The job is not so difficult, just jump, attack and slide after having the right moment. Children will like it if you give them some instructions about how to use it.
Controls of this game Run Ninja Run 1 are simple. Use arrows to jump and slide, while space-bar can be used for Attack. You will see the gold, so if you need to upgrade your level, try your best to collect it. Once you have got the gold you will be able to jump higher. And also your ability to slide longer and your power of attacks will improve. In this game, both your speed and skills will be tested, so you need to perform well as much as you can.

Cover Orange Journey Pirates : Protect the orange !!

Cover Orange: Journey Pirates is a challenging flash game. In this game, you have to protect an orange from a pirate cloud. The cloud, while passing over, ejects some kind of ball shaped bombs. If those ball
shaped bombs touch the orange, the game is over.
In order to protect the orange, there are some features in the Cover Orange: Journey Pirates game. And they are not very complex. There are chests and steering wheels that will protect the orange from getting hit. But remember, to protect the orange, you have to cover all sides of the orange. To place those necessary objects around the orange, you have to take some help from the bombs. These are friendly bombs, and their blasts will help you position the objects accordingly around the orange. In case you need help, a helmet can provided. But you can use it only three times. Overall, it
is quite interesting game, and sometimes you have to just sit and think before you make your next move.