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Wonderful Game-Maze Game

Maze Game is a wonderful online game which is widely played and there are thousands of people who are trying it regularly and they are getting a great time with it. It is actually a super fun game where you have to show your patients.
Maze Game is the game which is suitable for all aged people. There are many teens and kids also who are playing it. Adults also get fun by playing it. What are you thinking? You must try this awesome game. The game needs your strong mind attention because if you do a single mistake you will lose one life. The maze is complex so it needs strong search for the best way to go. The game is really very interesting so you must play it and hopefully you will have a great time with this game. The graphics of the game is also very amazing and you will love it really very much.


cyclomaniacs 3 is a fun filled game that provides a chance to race other computerized racers within a given period of time. Complete this game to earn money tagged on achievements that help to finish in first position. The achievements are earned through racing techniques such us double somersaults and being able to race against time set.

How to play

This game provides options for settings as you can decide on the use of sounds, graphic quality and map design. The arrows help you to move the bike while using R key to restart and P to pause the game. However, you can upgrade the racer through customizing the stat of brakes, boost, spin, jump, speed, acceleration and changes on the racer’s wears. At the same time you can buy vitamins water for increased boost stat, clothes for jump stat and shoes for speed stat. however, the increase is temporal.


When you finish in 1st position you earn $300, 2nd $200 and 3rd $ 100.

Awesome Game-Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3

Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3 is the third installment of the series game and by playing the game you can get really a very good time. You have to solve the puzzles as quick as you can so that you can complete the challenges. It is a funny game but really very enjoyable.
Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3 is really very interesting and while playing the game you can enjoy your time very much. You will be really very pleased to see the concept of the game. The game graphics is very thrilling. In the game you have to solve the puzzles so that you can find all the mini monkeys. You have to find the mini monkeys very quickly so that you can win the game very quickly. Playing this amazing game you can pass a great time. Just try to play the game and you can have fun.

Walkthrough of Sniper Assassin 3

Sniper Assassin 3 is an online free game which is the third installment. In this game you have to kill the enemies by using your sniper. You will have few bullets to attack the enemies. Finish this game online to have a great time.
Sniper Assassin 3 is the third installment which is a flash based game but you will hardly realize that it is a flash game because the view of the game can give you the taste of playing desktop based games. Why are you waiting? Just start to play this game and you will have lots of fun by playing this amazing game. You must keep one thing in your mild that the bullets are very limited so you must be careful while shooting. If you miss one shoot you have to face problems to kill one enemy. Always play carefully so that you can win it very easily.