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Cursed Treasure 3 walkthrough is a challenging dramatic game. It is a survival game just like ‘kill’ or get ‘killed’. The game is all about defending the gems from the monsters. As your levels rise up, the game will be harder. It’s a wonderful flash game where you must pay the highest attention since the monsters, your enemies, are very keen and fragile.
In Cursed Treasure 3 walkthrough you will have three towers where the invaluable gems have been kept. The monsters are always busy to steal the gems hidden in the towers. You must protect the gems from the furious monsters otherwise, if they can steal gems and you failed to protect them, it is just you lost the game. Again if you failed to kill the monsters in time, they must steal the valuable gems. And even if you somehow can kill a monster after he stole a gem, the recovery of it will be more difficult as the gem might be handed over to another one. You will have to face new and strong defense from your enemies through the last levels.