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Cyclomaniacs 3: Best Way to Keep yourself Entertained!

Cyclomaniacs 3, like its prequels, is an amazing flash game which would certainly make you feel better. Once you start it, you would not stop until you finish the game. It is a single-player racing game in which you race against the clock and ten other computerized players. Your mission is to come first in the race, complete achievements and earn the game money. The controls in the game are simple; you use arrow or keyboard keys to move your bike. The game has a number of customizations that you can make according to your preferences. There is also a game shop where you can buy new items out of your hard-earned game money. You can also use the money to buy upgrades which make the game a lot easier and fun to play. So, without any more delay, start playing this startling game that is sure to keep you busy for quite a time.