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Enjoy Platform Racing 3

Are you bored with the common vehicle racing games? Change your taste and play Platform Racing 3 that will give you the chance to have some different taste. There is no vehicle in this game. You have to make the race on your foot. The game is very attracting because the idea of the game is unique. This site has the game for all.
Platform Racing 3 has an impressive graphical view. For single player the game is excellent. You can compete with other online players too in the game. In the game you will see an amazing feature that is you can change your body parts. You can change the head, feet and other parts of the body. You must adjust the speed of your character properly. There is also option for optimizing the jump height. You must moderate these options properly that suits you best. Earning points from the game you can upgrade the body of the character.

Extreme Fighting Game-Electric Man 3

Fighting games have very good reputation in the computer gaming market. Fighting games are very attracting to some gamers. Electric Man 3 is an attracting fighting game which will give you too much fun when you will play it. Play now for fun with the game.
Electric Man 3 has very exciting movement that you can enjoy a lot. The fighting style in the game is totally unique and matches with real life. Your character in the game can jump very high too to attack the enemies. The game is a flash game so any device with flash power can run the game. If you have an iPhone or Android phone you can play the game on the move. You can also practice before playing the game. You can also record a level of the game to check the faults of your actions. All the movements in the game are very important for winning it.

With More Features – Bubble Spinner 2

Bubble Spinner is a popular bubble game. The new twist in a bubble game has made the game more admirable. Players have taken this challenge with a warm heart and they loved it. That’s why another installment of this game has been released. If you have played the first installment then you must know the excitement of the game. This installment will not disappoint you at all. In fact, added features will make you fall in love with it again. Why don’t you try it by yourself? Visit any website to learn more about it.
Like the bubble game, you have to form a group of at least three same colored bubbles. This bubbles will be keep rotating. So, before making any shot you need be very careful. You know, one wrong move will make the game difficult for you. There is no time limit in the game.
Have Fun!