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Play Flash Game-The Portal

Portal is one of the most popular flash games which are globally played by many people. If you search online for a good game be sure that you will become confused because there are tons of games and it is really very hard to find a good game. Play now the portal and have the real experience of gaming.
Portal is the name of a very popular online game which has very good fame from the beginning. The story is very unique and it will please the player very much. There is awesome background music with the game that you will like very much. The game is available on the internet both in online version and PC version. You can play any of the versions according to your need. If you have very fast and active internet connection you should play the game online because the online version has more features than the desktop version. You will have the chance to compete with your friends in the online version.

Enjoy Full Version Diner Dash

Do you want to have a restaurant of your own? There are many girls who are dreaming for their own restaurants. Diner Dash is a game that can full feel the dream. This game gives you the opportunity to build your own restaurant and prepare foods. Click here to play the full version of the game for free.
Diner Dash can give you the real experience of having your own shop. Do you know how to control the customers and the shop? You can’t gain experience if you don’t have your own restaurant. But if you have your own restaurant you might know how to handle the customers and other things of the restaurant. This game will teach you the rules and systems of controlling the restaurant shop. The customers will become angry and they will leave the restaurant if you make them delayed for too long. There are four heaters at the first stage of the game.

An Exhilarating Game-The Free Bubble Games

The Bubble games are very interesting game and has very good graphical interface. The screen regulation of the game is very awesome and the bubbles are quite easy to see. The game has several segments available on the internet. You can find all the bubble games from this site.
When people search for a game, first of all they look at the interface and the graphics quality. When they find that Bubble Games has very good graphical view, they play the game. A game without a good looking user interface never gets popularity. The bubbles are moving from the top towards the bottom. You must shoot and burst the bubbles before they reach bottom. If a bubble reaches the bottom you will lose points. If you can’t gain the minimum points to complete a level, you will lose the game. You can pass huge time by playing the awesome bubble game.

Design Your Path in Free Riders 2

Racing Games are always fun. Usually, in these games, there is given a path and you need to follow that. If you get an opportunity to design your own path, then what would be your reaction? In fact, if you are able to add different features according to your liking then how would be your feeling? I know, it feels like a dream. Again, there is such a game where you will be able to enjoy these things. This game is known as Free Rider. Here, we will focus on its upgraded version and that is called Free Riders 2. Why don’t you play now!
There are some codes available for this game. Using that code, you can build your own map. After designing the path, you can give the backgrounds according to your likings. If you wish, you can modify the given paths. In fact you are allowed to add features using codes.

Amazing Racing Game-Platform Racing 4

Are you board of ordinary racing games? So you might be searching for something different. Platform Racing 4 is totally a different item based game. It is a different game because it is racing game without any vehicle. You will make a race on foot.  Click to play the racing game.
Platform Racing 4 is a game which has the basic control like A, D, W, and S; using these four keys you can move your character. When you will press W, the character will jump and using space bar you can make your character jump higher. There are some platforms in the game that you have to follow. If you miss any platform you will lose the game. The game contains different segments that you have to complete. There is option for multiplayer so you can invite your friend as well to play with you if he or she wants.