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A Racing Game-Cyclomaniacs 4

Cyclomaniacs 4 is the fourth installment of the amazing racing game. Although the game is quite similar with the previous version of the racing game but it has some changes and new items. Play now to get the real taste of racing.
Cyclomaniacs 4 is less cartoony but a little bit more realistic than the previous installments. So, you can consider the game as a highly graphically improved game. There are several bike racing games on the internet but most of them are not so good. If you play this game, be sure that you will be a fan of the game. By completing the each level of the game you can unblock achievements to earn more game money. You can use the game money to improve your bike condition. You get reward per completing each achievement. You can also unlock new bike but they might be little bit expensive.

Worm Roaming in the Cit in Effing Worm

Effing Worm is a violent game. In the game you have to play a character that is quite unusual. You will hardly find such a game. The game has its different sequel. Each sequel will offer you added features. The player, who has never got the opportunity to play this fun game, must try it now. Once you try the game you will love it especially if you are an adventure lover. You can visit this site for details.
Effing Worm is a game where you will be a worm. This worm is roaming around the city. You may ask why it is doing that. It’s because it is looking for the humans. In order to survive this worm needs fresh human flesh. The hunger meter must be kept high to be in the game. The graphics and the sounds is also appealing and will increase the excitement of the game.

Enjoy Electric Man 1

Are you searching for a real game that is full of excitements and actions? If you are looking for it then Electric Man 1 is ready to entertain you. The game is a good quality online game that you can’t imagine. It is a highly dedicated game that you will enjoy a lot. Click here to get more about the game.
Electric Man 1 is based fully on fighting but you must play with careful steps. You can’t just press keyboard to move and play. In the game you must learn the keys that you need to move your characters arms. The main theme of the game fighting based but it also has other facilities. The most used keys are W, E and Q to play the game. You can use mouse also to aim at your target. While playing the game you will feel very comfortable as the graphical view will please you.

Different Kinds of Cooking Games

Are you confused to see so many cooking games that are available in internet? Don’t worry. This is the place where you will get to know about different games and that may help you to select the best one. You will get these games in internet and these are totally free. So, play as long as you want. Why don’t you play now!
If you want to play any TV show based games then you can play Gournamia. In this game you have to proof yourself as the best chef. In doing so, you have to go through different competition and win them. You can also go for Jessica’s Cupcake Café. Here, you have to bake and decorate the cakes. Would you love to be a Sushi Chef? In this game you have to make sushi and also attract the crowd towards your shop.
So, go and enjoy the cooking games.