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Be That Huge Effing Worm

If you are the sympathetic type of person and easily get offended with blood, this is not the game for you.  However, if you are the type who likes a lot of killings in a game then Effing Worms would be perfect and just the game for you.  Effing Worms is an online game developed by Effing Games.  This is best played by people who like gory games with lots of blood and decapitations.  This game will take you to a killing spree adventure that will leave you wanting and coming back for more.  As an enormous worm, you have to consume a lot of stick figures and all forms of creatures by eating them. The more you eat, the bigger you will get. If you feed on a lot of people, you will grow big and perhaps until an outrageous size.  Experience an awesome and just pure fun game with Effing Woms.

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