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Learning the techniques of Playing Plazma Burst 2

With much improvements and technicalities,
one can play a thrilling Plazma Burst game. Play Plazma Burst 2 and get the
beauty of competing at higher levels. You can play the game now for free on
various major websites. To win this game calls for proper understanding of the controls
ad mastery of the gaming challenges. The obstacles are very many and enemies
are all around you. Robotic giants will try to stop your mission. Using some
techniques and weapons, you can now beat the challenges. To move around, use
the space bar and WASD keys. Weapons are controlled using the mouse and thus
able to fight ultimately. The good thing with this entertaining game is the
kind of sounds and graphics that are in the game. Be careful and master the map
to avoid miscalculated moves while fighting. Winning Plazma Burst 2 is not easy
but with some ideas, then you can triumph!

Understanding Raft Wars 4

In modern day and age of internet and technology, there is a wide spectrum of online flash games. However, not all flash games are entertaining to all people. One of the big choices for many gamers is the Raft Wars 4 game. There is no shooting game that will give you pleasure as Raft War. The reason is simple: simplicity and the challenge presented. Here, you are expected to defend a small boy whose treasures are on the verge of being taken away by enemies. These diamonds are dear to the kid and a brother is at your help as well. With a mouse, you are supposed to shoot all enemies carefully to earn points and save the diamonds. If you do so, you can upgrade your ship to have more men and score higher. After every level, the survivors will earn you some points. This series of Raft Wars is available for free on internet. Try it out!