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Scary Maze Games for Maze Lovers

Hello Maze game lovers. Today I will tell you about a scary maze game. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? First visit for details.
Maze 3 is a real fun game. The whole premise of the game is that you have to lead your mouse through a series of harder and harder mazes. The layout of the mazes isn’t very hard so you may think the game is very easy to play. However, the other stipulation state that you aren’t allowed to touch the walls and you have to get there fast to get highest point. At the same time, you have to navigate the maze while obstacles get more and more difficult.
You can play this amazing game in internet and guess what! It is completely free. If you are bored with regular mazes just try this one and you won’t realize how you have spent hours after hours playing this game.


While most of the shooting games use FPS as their point of view, there is a shooting flash game which still keeps the third person shooter as their point of view: Plazma Burst. You can find out this game at Although the game is a flash game, you will be greatly satisfied not only because of the graphic, but also the game scenario. Your character is a future marine who has a lot of enemies. Your objective is to kill your enemies as many as you can. Before entering the game, you should customize your marine first. Although there is only one character at the game, you still can optimize the appearance of your character. This game is also unique because gravity is well applied at this game. There are also some advanced technologies you can use while playing the game: time warp and flying using rocket. You won’t lose your time useless while playing this game because you will soon realize that what this game offers to you is more than just fun! So, why don’t you ‘taste’ it by yourself and become the hero of PLAZMA BURST!