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Punch, Kick and Grab with Electric Man 3

Put together martial arts, street fighting, and super-stickman powers to get rid of your opponents in Electric Man 3. Combat teams of varying numbers compete against each other to establish the most powerful being in the stick man universe.  Punch, kick, grab and merge moves to create combination attacks. Win all battles each round to progress and unlock the next level.  Deal with different kinds and number of opponents in each battle.  Try to take down the undefeated champion.  On the technical side, the sound is great and the music was nice.  However, I did not see an option to turn it off.  Despite the fact that the graphics are good, they are turned down to low quality automatically.  It is understandable though since the speed was very fast.  It would have been really cool also if the author included a multiplayer mode that you could play with someone on the same computer, or some type of additional off-beat mode.

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