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Eradicate Robot Opponents in Electric Man 3

Electric Man 3 is a brawler genre game. Throw some electric punches and kicks toward your robot enemies and send them sailing away.  Use your battery life as you pull some special throws and moves to battle the bots.   The game is arranged into rounds and each consists of a particular amount of fights.  The game starts by choosing the difficulty level: easy, medium and hard.  You must win each round in order to progress to the next level.  Each round of fight is unique in every level as you have an extensive selection of different types of opponents.  Overall, Electricman 3 is outstanding.  Its smooth flowing graphics and awesome game play get the job done in a classy fashion and greatly surpass the small problems.  The three skill levels available in the game provide a nice amount of replay value that will allow you to get used to the game play and even give yourself a great challenge.